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Open the Door for Three.

Open the Door for Three is the name of a jig. An old slip jig. How old? Well, It was collected in Co. Kerry in the mid-1800s by a piper called James Goodman, so it’s even older than that. Liz found it while reading through his collection, called ‘Tunes of theMunster Pipers’, which was published in Dublin in 1998. Goodman taught Irish at Trinity College, Dublin. We love this connection: Pat’s from Dublin, and Kieran attended Trinity College.

We’ve been playing Open the Door for Three for over ten years now. In those years, the tune has grown and evolved with us. Liz and Kieran first played it together. Then, Liz added a part to the tune and later some harmonies, and the three of us have played it like that for a few years. Now it feels to us like something we have lived with for quite some time, and we play together like people who have played together for quite some time.

At its heart, it’s still an old tune, a piping tune. But it’s more than just any old tune to us; it’s an old friend. But that is how we approach all of our music and our playing. And we think it makes a good name for our trio.


A road-tested, audience-approved, high-octane, fist-in-glove, laughing-out-loud trio of Irish musicians.

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